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IHQ Beat Licensing

Superior Music Licensing

WAV File Only – $22.95​​

  • Instant Beat Delivery!
  • 250k Royalty-Free Sales
  • .WAV (Highest Quality)
  • Buy 2 Beats Get 1 Free!
  • IHQ Beat Tags Removed!

*Best for General Mixtape Purposes.*
WAV+Track Out – $99.95​​

  • Full HQ Track Out!
  • Instant Beat Delivery!
  • 1M Royalty-Free Sales
  • IHQ Beat Tags Removed!
  • Eligible for PayPal Credit!

*Best for Using Steaming Services to Sell Your Music.*
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SYNC/MASTER – $499.95

  • Instant Delivery!
  • Master Permitted: YES!
  • Audio Watermarks Removed!
  • ​Stems Available Upon Request!
  • Eligible for PayPal Credit!
​*Best for for Major TV/Film Use*
EXCLUSIVE – $199.95

  • Full HQ Track Out!
  • Instant Beat Delivery!
  • Unlimited Royalty-Free Sales!
  • Includes Free Mixing & Mastering! 
  • Eligible for PayPal Credit!
*Best for for Artist w/Major Backing.*
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License Professional Music Production Instantly?

Choose from Over 40+ Original Top Quality Instrumentals!
Our instant beat library contains over 40+ professionally composed (and reasonably priced) hip hop instrumentals.

Beats are available instantly after purchase!


These Options are Ideal For:

  • Independent Artists
  • Demo Song Projects
  • Radio Single Projects
  • Full Mixtape Projects​
  • TV/Film Companies

IHQ Exclusive Beats

Need Custom Beats & Instrumentals?

Exclusive beat agreements are offerd in two forms:

  1. IHQ - Exclusive Beats 1
    Exclusive Option 2
    -Pay $1,500 Up Front -Pay No Back End Royalties -Contracts Signed by Both Parties
  2. IHQ - Exclusive Beats 2
    Exclusive Option 1
    -Pay $300 Up Front -Royalties Negotiated -Contracts Signed by Both Parties
  3. Instrumental HQ Exclusive Beat Licensing
    Ideal for Artists With:
    -A Dedicated Budget -A Major Label Backing -A Large Enough Fan-base

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Need Exclusive Beats? Contact IHQ

Install IHQ Android App

Now recording artists have smartphone access to IHQ's full hip hop instrumental library!
The IHQ: Instrumentals App

  • Beats Are Studio Ready!
  • Instant Downloads to Phone!
  • Buy 2 Beats Get 1 Beat Free!
  • Secured Transactions via PayPal!
  • Artist/Producer Contract Included!

You are also emailed the beat(s) along with your purchase receipt.
Download the IHQ Mobile Beats App for Your Android Device!
IHQ Beats: iPhone

Install IHQ iPhone App

Need to Know How to Install The IHQ Beats App on iPhone?
The #IHQ Beats App
  1.  Access IHQ Beat App Here
  2. Go to Web Browser Settings.
  3.  Click "Add to Home Screen"
  4. Rename App to "IHQ Beats"
  5. Locate App on Home Screen
These Instructions Will Also Work for Windows Phones!