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  • IHQ Beat Tags Removed!
  • Sync Permitted: Yes
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License Definition

All Beats & Instrumentals acquired from Instrumental HQ are licensed to you for use only under the terms of the applicable license agreement. These licenses grant non-exclusive rights. Only custom production services include exclusive rights. reserves all rights not expressively granted to you.

Free Downloads

Strictly for promotional uses only. No profits may be made from free beat downloads without indefinite written consent from producer (i.e a Purchased license).


All Beats & Instrumentals included on this website are created on a ‘Work for Hire‘ basis. A work made for hire is a piece of work (i.e Instrumental Composition) created by an employee (i.e Instrumental HQ Producer) as part of their job (i.e a contracted music producer), or some limited types of works where all parties agree in writing to the WFH designation.

By licensing beat(s) that contain samples, the buyer understands this & agrees to assume full responsibility for the clearance of any samples needed prior to public release. This information is also written into the contracts. There are NO ROYALTIES charged for instrumentals containing Samples.


ALL songs including our production MUST be credited upon public release. Example: Produced by Mista Instrumentalz.


The ENTIRE BEAT will be sent to you with every instrument separated in order to achieve Optimal Mix Levels.

Payment Options

All major credit/debit card payments are Accepted via Paypal
Stripe or Bluebird


Royalty percentages are calculated as follows: a half percent after unit sales EXCEED amount permitted under original licensing agreement. 


All licenses purchased from include Full Contracts so that your rights are fully protected.