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Recording Services 
Instrumental HQ is now offering "Recording Service Delivery" for clients local to the following Illinois Areas: Joliet/Shorewood/Bolingbrook/Romeoville. ​Contact us to set up a recording session & we'll come to you!
  • $15 Deposit (Reserves Time)
  • 2 Hr. Minimum Required.
  • Semi-Quiet Space Needed.
  • $15 Mix /Master (Optional)
  • Please Have FLASH DRIVE.
Please Note: $15 Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE!
Per Hour
Please Email or Call Before Placing Order
Vocal Treatment
Instrumental HQ |Vocal Treatment

The post production process of a song (vocal treatment especially) can prove to be a very time consuming task. Allow IHQ to bear the load while you get back to making great music. IHQ's vocal treatment helps take care of some common recording issues by:
  • Frequency Tuning
  • Vocal Compression
  • Re-Balancing Signals
  • Removing Plosives (P's & B'S)
  • Removing Deep Breaths/Wind
  • ​Client Specific Requests
Per Song
Please Email or Call Before Placing Order
Instrumental Mixing
Do you make beats? Are you struggling to get that kick to punch through the sub bass? Does it just seem like your overall mix is just not as clean or as loud as it could or should be? Allow IHQ to help bring that heavy hitting industry thump to your already amazing beat!
  • Frequency Cleaning
  • Kick/Bass Balancing
  • Proper Compression
  • Properly EQ Sounds
  • Proper Mono/Stero Phasing
  • ​Client Specific Requests
Per Beat
Please Email or Call Before Placing Order

Song Mixing & Mastering
If you would rather have your song worked on & completed by the same engineer from start to finish then this is the best option for you. It includes:
  • ​​3 Free Revisions
  • Full Vocal Treatment
  • Full Instrumental Mix
  • Proper Gain Boosting
  • Low-Mid-High Balancing
  • ​Vocal into Instrumental Mix
  • Client Specific Requests
  • Full Song Mastered
Per Song
Please Email or Call Before Placing Order